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How I manifested $10k

“If you do not see great riches in your imagination, you will never see them in your bank balance.”– Napoleon Hill

I journaled $10K into my possession

Every Thought Creates Your Future. It sure does.

I’m a big fan of audio books. And the books I’ve been listening to recently are

You are a Bad Ass by Jen Sinchero


You are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jen Sinchero

Her books are my go to “read” for when I’m not feeling like the particular bad ass house wife I know I am capable of being.

I am awesome.

But sometimes I forget. And I need to be reminded


My list on audible include
  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  3. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  4. Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#ck by Mark Manson
  6. The Four Year Career by Richard Bliss Brooke
  7. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  8. The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris

A few of the personal development books from my non audible collection.

Listen to Jen, all ready! Geesh

I listen to Audible by Amazon when I’m driving, cleaning and cooking. I ditched the radio for an education in personal development.


So I’m home cleaning and doing the house wife thing and Jen is going on about writing a letter to money as if it were a person. And how the money I desire is here and I just need to wake up, be open to seeing it.

Cray Cray. Maybe but keep reading.

I brush if off because once I stop cleaning I get distracted and I end up with partially done tasks.

There is nothing worse than a half swept kitchen.
I make a mental note because I do want to write this letter in my journal.
You see, I’ve been manifesting money while I journal. I tell myself things like
I see the money in my account.
I am grateful for the money I am making.
I have 10k in my bank account.
I write how I feel about this money that I “have”
I am so happy and grateful for the money in my account.
I just opened my banking app and cried tears of joy. I never seen this much money before.
I am speechless and humbled to know I am making a difference in the world and this money will help me do it.
But I never actually written a letter to money. So I dabbled thought messages to my dear friend moo-la.
Hey girl, come over more. You know I love it when you are around.
Hey. Hey. Hey. My daughter would love it of you came to out with us.
Yo! Money honey, come spend some time with me. Your energy lifts me up.

I do it. I write a letter to money. I write to the universe.

But before I get into the details of my desperate plea for money to come to my way. I want to be as real as I can with you.
I am not one to post my struggles on social medial. Particularly my financial hardships. So to tell the world how “broke” I once was, is, very humbling. I really had to swallow my pride here and get real venerable.

Actual snippets from my journal

January 25, 2018
Late night thoughts. I have $1.00 in my account. There is still a week left before I get paid. I feel very overwhelmed… like I am drowning. I hate feeling this way. I don’t ever want to feel like this again.

February 9, 2018
I am grateful for the money I am making. I have made 10K from the blog. I am gracious and willing to help others. I know the universe will provide. I am seeing the money in my account. I can see it and feel how happy and stress free [I am] because of this. I can see me happy and not crying at the $0.00 balance in my account.

February 16, 2018
I am thankful for the money that is coming my way.

On February 18, 2018
I receive this Facebook message


February 19,2018
I surrender it to the universe. I don’t know how I am going to get it. All I know is that I’m getting it. I can see my balance paid off. I am so happy, I cry tears of relief…I feel free and relieved of stress. Money is coming to me.

February 23, 2018
…No, we are not poor. This is temporary money is coming our way. I love and am grateful for the money we are about to receive. We are rich, abundant with joy and happiness. We will be wealthy. I see the money in my account. It is there.

My letter to money.

February 24, 2018
Dear money,
It’s been a while. I know and I am sorry I don’t speak to you more. I try to keep you in the loop, you seem to never stay around.
It’s me, I know. I am a terrible friend.
I love when you are around, we make memories. We go to lunch and you get to treat Zoey. You get to be apart of Zoey’s life. Help her with dance class and see to it that she doesn’t have a childhood I once had. You’ve spared her.
I don’t want to raise her without you. I want her to know and respect you.
I mean, you are needed around here. So come more often. I want you around.
We need you.
When you go, I can’t sleep at night. I toss and turn thinking of creative ways to get you back.
We are waiting for you. You are always welcome in my house.

But Juanita money is the root of all evil.
I’ve heard that a time or two.
I grew up in a house hold where “money talk” was a taboo. You didn’t talk about money.

Money was the devil.

After I let go of this false belief that money is a bad thing. Because, well, when you really think about it and really meditate on how money makes you feel, it’s a good thing.

I don’t think money is the root of all evil.

I believe what one does with said money determines the good/bad factor.

Let me explain.

Woman makes $500,000 and opens a orphanage in Africa.

Ta-da money is good!

Woman makes $500,000 and spends it’s on gambling, loses everything.

You get the point.

We need money to survive. We can create good things from having an abundant supply of money.

Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass. – Napolean Hill

If you feel icky about talking, thinking or having money I highly suggest reading some of the books listed to better understand the mindset of wealth.


Then the magic happened

It was some time between the 25th and the 28th of February that I wrote in my journal. My last entry was the 24th and then I let the letter make its way to the universe.

I surrendered and let the Big Guy work his all mighty magic.

I was in so much shock that I didn’t bother looking up the date to begin my journal entry. I literally left it blank.

February 2018
It’s been a few days so let me catch you up. After I write the letter to money I got a statement in the mail saying I have 10K in a retirement fund. Holy hell. Just a few days ago I was writing a letter to money asking it to come around and BOOM, money was sent to me. Not in the form that I was expecting but who am I to judge how the universe decides to pay me…

Ya. That just happened.

To me and you know whats crazy, I believe you can manifest money as well. I believe if you desire riches you will receive them. Believe without a shadow of a doubt.

Faith backed by a burning desire knows no bounds.

Until next time.

WorkingWife to HouseWife

What it’s really like to change a cloth diaper

Ok. If you are not a fan of poop talk, you might want to skip this post.

I warned ya, girl.

Poop catchers
Checking out my fluff?

Why not?

My reasoning to trying cloth diapers.

We used disposable diapers with Zoey. Now that I am a house wife, I thought it would be nice to give it a sh!t- a shot.

Give cloth diapers a shot.

I always kind of wanted to try them but was kind of lost as to the whole poop clean up part.

It did take me a few months before I started purchasing the diapers. In fact, Amelia was about 3 months when I made my first fluff purchase.

Decisions. Decisions.

I was researching the styles, brands, faberics.

Do I go money friendly and use flour sack towels and covers?

Would pre-loved cheap pocket diapers and micofleese inserts be a better fit for me?

Or do I really go all in and buy new, name brand all in one organic hemp diapers?

If you are totally new to cloth diapering this may seem like a forgin language.

Cuz it was for me!

Remember, it took me 3 months to really learn what ‘hook-and-loop closure’ meant.

Velcro, its just Velcro!

So don’t worry, it’s not as complicated at it seems.

I went the preloved route at first.

I shopped consignment events and an Facebook dollar auction group specifically for all things cloth diapering.

That was until I manifested brand new diapers at one hell of a deal.

I’ll save how to manifest for another time. I’ve manifested money and the universe provided. And I want to tell you all about it!!

But, the poop!

I’m not easily gagged by feces, vomit, snot or any other bodilyfluids.

So poop… it doesn’t bother me if I get some flung my way. My oldest has done the honors or vomiting and peeing on me.

I guess it comes with the mom life territory.

No big deal, here.

Nursing and the fluff

If this is you first baby, congratulations!

Whether you go the boob juice or formula route is up to you.

I’ve done both.

All long as the babe is fed and breathing, I think that is best.

One thing I do remember was the smell of formula poop from Zoey diaper days.

There is a very strong odor from formula-fed poop.

Now with Amelia, who is breast fed her poop has a

<<bare with me here>>

sweet smell.

CRAZY but her number 2 did not smell like Zoey’s number two.

When Amelia was strictly catching my chest drippings I didn’t need to rise the poop off.

Now that she is eating solids…thats a whole new pre pre-wash routine.

My poop cleaning routine

So a solid food eating baby has pooped.

Sound the alarm!

No big deal.


I just change her like any other other normal person.

Instead of gagging uncontrollably and cursing the idea of cloth diapers and why the hell would anyone torture themselves with poop.

I just leave it and walk away.


I have a bin on the floor next to the changing table that I place all her dirty diapers in.

Once Amelia has a clean bum I will close the diaper and set it in the bin until the poop get a little dry.

Again bare with me…I can hear you now


I keep the bin open. There is no lid.

I do not use a wet bag or a trash bag.

I quickly learned that keeping the dirty diapers in a closed container will really get those diapers stinking.

So open letting it “air out” seems to work best for me.

After about an hour or right before I get to bed I will take the bin to the bathroom and get-er done.

I get my poop gloves on, just in case, and unstuff the diapers.

Meaning I take the inserts out of the pocket or unsnap the insert.

This is depending on the style of diaper.

By this time the poop is almost like play dough.

I’m sorry you’ll never look at play dough the same again.

It’s comes off the diaper so much easier this way.

I know some people do the dunk-and-swish or use a spatula to plop the potty into the porcelain thrown but this works for me.

I just use the gloves.

Pick off the nuggets and then wash the gloves in the shower after.

I keep some sani wipes to clean off the toilet and ta-da


I wash diaper every other day. It’s typically an all day task.

I get distracted and don’t sit next to the washing machine.

I ain’t got time for that.

I joined a fluff love group and they have an amazing support system.

They even gave me a great wash routine.

They have great tips for every type of cloth momma.

So if you have been wondering how to deal with the poop when it comes to cloth diapers I how this helps.

Until next time.

About the author · Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Why I Decided to Blog

Welcome. Out of all the places you could be, you are here.

You are here with me and I wanted to Thank You for spending your time with me and my little piece of the internet.

There are few deep-rooted reasons as to why I created this space.

I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings.

I need something to call mine.

A place where I can just BE.

I also have this vision of a way to help mommas but don’t really know how I am going to put this passion into action.

At least I thought I didn’t.
I wanted to create a space for women, mothers in particular, who are buried under all the stresses of life, who lost that feeling of raw beauty.


Lost Without a Map

At first, I thought that this space I was to create was on a yoga mat. I thought that my purpose was to guide emotionally drained moms to a place of divine beauty by the way of a yoga practice.

So I became a certified yoga instructor. I grew as a person, a woman and as a mother.

I had this vision of helping the mothers in my community reconnect to their Inner Goddess.

To feel beautiful and confident in their skin. And to really unleash her Devine self without fear, without judgement and to embrace the goddess within her.

It was only fitting that I centered my yoga teachings around this mantra of

“Unleash your Inner Goddess”


While, I do love to roll out the mat and teach a class, I am limited to my community. I know I can reach so many more overwhelmed, emotionally drained mommas if I were to think bigger.

Resolutions That Stuck Around

A few years ago I had this crazy idea for New Years Resolutions.




This was going to be my purpose for the year. Momma, let me tell you it was one of the best years for me. I dove head first into the self development world.

It was awesome.

I took time to redefine what it meant for me to be and feel beautiful. I redefined my purpose, goals and intentions.

I reconnected to my goddess, to my friends and family. I reconnected to what made me happy and brought me joy.

I reorganised my life. It began with the physical and then I moved inward.

These three pillars have been in the back of my mind for years now. They weren’t meant for only my heart and life.

I believe I needed to work on resolutions for myself so I can share my story with you. So I can help guide and teach you.

It has lead me here.

I created a free beginners guide to Unleashed, my online course to help struggling, lost and tired moms connect to their inner goddess.

The Transition to Stay at Home Mom.

When I left the military I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. With that, I sort of fell into this fog.

I was in a really dark place.

I tried to cope and start new hobbies, meet new people and be social. I even started a business to fill this ‘void.’

It was hard for me, this new way of life.
No one told me that out of all the changes that came with returning to the civilian world that THIS would be the most challenging.

That becoming a housewife was going to be emotionally draining, lonely and at times depressing.


Something was missing.

I didn’t know it yet, actually, I didn’t care to admit it but I had a problem.

And it all came down to knowing that I didn’t have a definite purpose.

It was kind of like I was floating in still water, not really going anywhere.
I didn’t want to live my life that way.

I want to make a difference.

I never told anyone about my struggles. I was afraid of being judged.

Like, how can you not handle it, Juanita? You are a mom. This is what you do. This is the life YOU wanted and now you can’t handle it.

It was so much, all at once. And it didn’t get any better after I had my second child.

I lost her. I lost myself.

She was free and she had this way about her. And then I buried her under the stress, worry and doubt of my life.

This goddess needs to be brought back to the surface. She needs to be unleashed.

I was unhappy for no reason. I cried and couldn’t pinpoint what triggered these emotions.
I had enough.

I couldn’t take it anymore. There was so much I NEEDED to fix but I didn’t know how.

The only thing I could do was let go of all the tangible things that weighed me down.
Sure enough, the fog started to lift and these dark emotions began to fade.

I started to journal every morning. It did take me some getting used to. But I now have a routine I follow every morning that helps keep my mindset from drifting back to the dark space I was once in.
I began to shift my mindset. I started to read uplifting books and surrounded myself with people who share the same desire of a fulfilling and meaningful life.
It has taken me some time to find her.

I am happy to say she is BACK!

I have reconnected to my inner goddess. She is me and I am her. I am whole. I am at peace (most days)

I finally have a purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing to truly love who you are.
To love everything about yourself. To know that you are meant for something important and bigger than yourself.

I believe we were made to help, encourage and support one another. I believe we were all put here on this planet for a reason.

We weren’t meant to just idle by hoping life gets better. We weren’t meant to be lost in our own world.

Do you feel that heavy weight on your shoulders? Do you cringe at your reflection in the mirror as you pass by? Or contemplate your purpose in the world? Are you overwhelmed with this #momlife that tears and cake are what keeps you sane?

I want you to know


If this resonates with you or perhaps you are going through something similar. I want you to know that you are not alone. And that life doesn’t have to be this way.
I believe that within each and every single one us there is a goddess ready to be UNLEASHED.

Are you ready to make some of the changes that led me to this place of devine love for myself and bring the goddness within to the surface?

I’ve put together a beginners guide to help you. In this guide there are helpful tips that I’ve personally done to get out of the fog.

I’ve put my heart into this guide to help you reconnect to your Goddess, to redefine your purpose and to reorganize your life to live with less stress and anxiety.

It’s free, and you can find it by clicking here.

WorkingWife to HouseWife

Working Wife to House Wife: No One Warned Me

It’s not all made from scratch, well mannered children and polished smiles kind of life we are living. No. Not even close. From the dog making a “boom boom” in the back seat of the van that caused a chain reaction of dry heaves and projectile vomit from my toddler, oh ya. Think windshield distance.

It. Was. Everywhere.

To forgetting to go to the grocery store 4 days in a row to grab food. Making it a cereal for dinner kind of night. My favorite kind of family meal, by the way. The slurp and crunch of a happily fed picky eater, is like music to my ears. Ahh. Not a tantrum to be heard. Not a fuss to be made.

It’s mom life. Messy. Tear filled fun.

Just a little panicked from a giant mouse, no big deal.

Working Wife to House Wife: No One Warned Me

No one warned me how making the transition from working mom to stay at home mommhood would effect my mental health. They advised me on money and how we are going to either:

1. Save money on daycare or

2. Not have enough money with only one income.

They advised me that leaving the work force will have a negative impact on my resume. I have been told I was making a mistake and my family was going to suffer. They told me that life outside of the military was hard and jobs were scarce.

No one told me how emotionally draining, how lonely and depressing this life changing transition could be.


I went from having a set work schedule, a Standard Operating Procedure, for just about every task to totally “winging it.” And to be completely honest, I miss having a guide to go by. A “if this happens-do this” guide, so to speak.

But as you know, a definite guide to parenting does not exist, at least I don’t know of any.

Active duty mom leaves the work force

When I first made the transition out of the military I had no idea what to expect. I applied to college and started right away.

My oldest was in day care so it wasn’t like anything really changed. School was my job and life was pretty much the same.

It wasn’t until we found out that we were pregnant with our second baby girl that we decided that I was not going to go back to school. At least until I was ready to go back.

This meant I was going to raise my second born alone without the help of daycare.

Happy Baby

Now now now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying if you use daycare you are not really raising your kids. I’m not trying to put down anyone one. That is not my intention.

It was a wake up for me this time around. I didn’t have the help that I did with my first born.

And it turns out I really relied on daycare- a little to much.

They helped me wean Zoey off the bottle, the pacifier and they helped with potty training. I mean, she was with the provider’s from 6 in the morning to about 6 at night. Most of the care that was given was by a daycare provider.

Potty training
At least she tried

I got her for dinner, bath time and bed time. So with Amelia, it is me and only me. And of course my husband. Love you honey XO.

I am able to really be with her. I am able to nurse longer and we started using cloth diapers.

That’s a whole other topic, I’ll save for another day. You can read about it here

I didn’t get to nurse Zoey past 5 months due to my supply dropping when my maternity leave ended. I didn’t get to witness her first steps. I didn’t hear her first “momma.” I missed most, if not all, of her firsts.

That was hard.

Being a full time working mom is hard. If you are a working mom, ya know the balancing act of children, cleaning and cooking.

You are exhausted by the end of the day and tomorrow you slap a smile on and do it all over again. Go Momma! You got this!

I didn’t think being a house wife would be as hard as it turned out to be. I made “it” work while being in the military.

This should be a piece of cake, right?

This has been, hands down, the most difficult life changing endeavor- for me, at least.

Not saying it’s not worth every meltdown, binge eating fiasco. Oh, it’s worth it. But hot damn.

Its lonely and yet I am NEVER alone. EVER.

I had to adjust to being home all day. I needed to find creative ways to entertain my oldest. I had to make new friends, especially one with kids the same age as mine.

At first, I began with what I was used to. Typically, when I would get a day off, I would go shopping.

That did last long.

I needed to find something a little less expensive to do with my girls.

I found this neat little moms group on Facebook and began attending the local events. I met some pretty awesome moms there. Each having a special place in my heart. You know who you are. 😍

But still, I felt overwhelmed, lost and just in this funk. It was ugly.

I began to slowly pull myself away.

I would cry for no reason. I would lash out and yell at my kids and husband.

I was in a really dark place. And what was really, really bad I didn’t want to admit it to myself.

I could run down a flight of stairs, pregnant, for a code blue. Preform chest compressions, start IVs, stand at attention for hours but this, THIS was hard.

I needed that SOP. I have no idea what I am doing.

This stay at home mom life is insane. My emotions were all over the place. One day I was happy and the next I didn’t want to get out of bed.

I wish someone would have told me, “hey girl, you are going to struggle but this mental struggle is going to be the toughest.”

Girl, I know somedays are filled with laughter, snuggles and the best of hugs and others are filled with tear filleds tantrums because the sky is blue and not purple, but know that I am here to tell you that you, my friend, are doing an awesome job.

If you are leaving the work force to stay home or if you are a stay at home momma keep your head up. Make time for yourself, even if it’s five minutes of journaling, a few minutes alone outside or a extra long shower before bed.

This transition hasn’t been easy. There are times I miss having patient’s and wearing a uniform but I know that this life, this mom life, is worth it.

Until next time.


DIY: Geomertic Wall Terrarium

I’m a sucker for succulents. Any plant that is virtually hard to kill is OK in my book. I lack the green thumb my grandpa has so I am a big faux plant admirer.


When the crafter in me needs a fix

I was feeling crafty one morning and I really wanted to fill the void of green fresh plants in my house. I honestly had NO plants in my place!

I felt like the house was dark and unwelcoming because there was nothing living in the house, other than us of course. I’ve tried to keep flowers like orchids but I let the poor things die.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a gardner. My green thumb is non existant.

The next best thing is faux plants.

I can keep them alive because they dont need to be waterd! Everybody wins.

I headed to the local craft store and took some pictures and mental notes on what they had in stock. I wanted plants that looked real and that could be placed in my house with ease.

So a big faux tree was not an option.

Then I went to good ol’ Marshall’s and Ross to find decorative vases or pots to put these plants in.

After I completed my plant recon, I went home to play on Pinterest and found my inspiration!


The next day I went back to the craft store with the designs in mind and searched for the succulents, rocks and moss that I wanted.

Then I headed to Marshall’s. I found these geometric gold-colored wall terrariums. They matched my décor perfectly!


Its time to craft!

I bought an assortment of succulents. I wanted them to be simple and not too big. Picked the moss that I liked best. The brown of the Spanish moss made a perfect contrast to the green faux succulent.

The rocks gave me some trouble. I really liked the look of the bigger river rocks but they do weigh a bit more so I decided on a small river rocks instead.


I sprawled out all the fillings on my living room floor.

Staged how I wanted the never-dying terrariums to look.

It did take me a few set ups until I settled on the perfect look.

Made some adjustments to the stems of the plants and placed them in the glass terrariums.

I mounted the two smaller one and placed the larger one on the mantel above my fire place.


This was a very fun and easy DIY. If I can do it, girl, you can.

I spent a total of about thirty-five dollars at marshalls and about twenty at Michales. This was a bit of a stretch for me because I didnt use any of their cupons. So ,I suggest getting your hand on one of those awesome 40% off cupons if you want to make this project budget friendly.

Tell me what you think. Let me know in the comments. Show me your fun and creative terrariums.

Not the crafty type, I get it. You can buy pre-made ones here.

Got the green thumb? Real plants are always nice to have in the home. Succulants and air plants are very easy to take care of.


I think they turned out pretty well.

What do you think? Leave a comment. I would live to hear your feedback.

Until next time.


I am just happy I didn’t break any glass during this crafting session.



I Created a Caspule Wardrobe without knowing

|Image by Shesbabely.com |

How I Created a Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve been on this minimalism journey and have been uncluttering my entire house. So it was by divine intervention that I realized clothing, jewelry and fashion accessories were not serving me and my purpose anymore..it was time to let that part of me go.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of about 25-35 timeless pieces of clothing, that all could ‘go together’ so you can create many outfits without having to own many items. The idea is that you ‘purge’ your closet, keep only the things you truly love and wear, and train yourself to stop buying clothing you don’t need. -Chelsea | ShesBabely.com |

Fish net stockings.

Oh Lord, I had fish net stockings in my sock drawer.

Yes. I owned them. I was once a wild 20 something year old. I went out to night clubs. I wore sequence tops and crazy uncomfortable high heals.

What can I say?

I had an awesome social life. Now I am beautifully dressed in spit up covered shirts and a messy bun.

Ya, girl. I’m a hot mess and I love it!

|Image by Dom J |

My closet was filled with clothes that I didn’t wear. Clothes that I wouldn’t dare try on now that I’ve been blessed with my little extra fluff. I kept ‘goal’ ensembles . I had clothes that I kept because I didn’t want to get rid of them.


Maybe there was an emotional connection with them. Maybe I wanted that skinny motivational dress staring at me when I would pick an outfit for the day.

Now, all I see is clutter and it’s gotta go.

|Image by Francesco Paggiaro |

A few big black trash bags later I finally had the clothes that I actually wear hanging up.

I read somewhere that we only wear about 20% of our closet. So I tossed the rest.

I feel lighter, happier and less stressed.

It’s great!

You can take the de-cluttering to a whole new level with this course I found, here.

How It All Began

I was really stressed out.

I was always folding clothes and it was getting on my last nerve. I just turned 30 and I made it my yearly goal live with less stress. So this mountain of clothes had to go.

I started by flipping the hangers. I turned all the hangers and realized I wear the same outfits every month.


Typically, I do laundry in the morning and I rotate between cloth diapers. So it’s not like I never have clean clothes. I realized that instead of flooding the laundry I was reaching for the clothes in the closet.

It made no sense.

My closet was full of clothes I don’t like, don’t fit, clothes that made me feel frumpy and just weren’t serving me.

I let go of night club high heals, old running shoes and extra flip-flops that were too worn.

I tossed anything that was too tight and did not flatter my hot mom bod. Hot like warm dinner rolls with extra gravy and a side of mashed potatoes, kind of hot.


What was left was a few LulaRue outfits, some Portofino tops from Express, a few summer dresses and tank tops (I am nursing and need them so my goodies don’t show.)

Along with 4 pairs of pants, jackets and hoodies.

The end result

These clothes make me feel beautiful, they don’t make me cringe when I walk past a mirror. After I cleaned out the closet that’s when this crazy idea came over me.

I need to clear out every room.

So it begins my journey to minimalism. A life of less abundantly filled with more of what matters.

I kind of forcefully fell into whole capsule wardrobe style. It begin with frustration and lacked vision.

I don’t want you to get so stressed out that you toss everything away. I was on the verge of throwing everything away and starting fresh because I was so frustrated with EVERYTHING.

I did some digging and I found this amazing how to blog. One that will teach you how to go about creating a beautiful capsule wardrobe. Check it out here. There is even a free e-book to help you out.

Do you wear all your clothes?  Or are you like me, reach for the same top and jeans?

Until next time.

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Best of Both Worlds 

I have always wanted to work at a place where I would have to dress professionally. But then I really like yoga pants.

Can I really have the best of both worlds??

Heck yes!

I get to dress like a business women because I AM a business woman.

I own IPO shares to a mutlimillion dollar company. I have a little piece of the internet.

I am an entreprenuer, blogger, mother and veteran .

Yes, I work from home but doesn’t mean I am any less professional. Sure, some days are messy bun and sweat pants kind of days.

Hashtag mom life.

I get to decided becuase I have the FREEDOM to do so. The freedom to work one hour or 4 each day.

I don’t have a commute or strick deadlines to meet. I don’t have inventory to sell. Or transactions to calculate.

I get to share what I’ve learned, my experiences, the crafting attempts and my thoughts with you.

I have COMPLETE Freedom.

And it feels damn good.

So what, I’m not the traditional business woman.

I am here making difference in the world, one reader at a time.

This space I’ve created isn’t about winning the internet, making awesome Pinterest worthy crafts or to boast of my crunchy mom tendencies.


I’m just like you. I struggle with parenting, my finances, marriage…life and the darn cork screw.

I’m no where near perfect. But I am not giving up. I keep pushing myself to be and do better.


I’m here to push and encourage you, girl. You can have the best of both worlds. It might not be easy but it is worth it!

Until next time.

WorkingWife to HouseWife

How I Plan My Day as a SAHM

It was like organized chaos. With last-minute plans and rushed errands; most days were formed on impromptu trips out of the house.

My “To-Do” list was often forgotten and tasks were remembered while I was getting ready for bed.

A real life picture of how I planned my days.


Wake up at 7:15, diaper change.

Make coffee and then breakfast for my toddler.

Nurse the infant and feed the dog.

Pick up toys, re-wash the laundry (again) and then it’s another diaper change.

It’s now 10:45 and I’m just drinking my coffee.

And yup, it’s cold.

There has got to be a better way.

I feel like I waste so much time doing non productive tasks.

Do you feel that way?

You open Facebook and the next thing you know you are in the rabbit hole watching cat videos and it’s 3 pm.

I know I need a routine. But it’s SO overwhelming. I make a list of what needs to be done and I end up writing a novel.

I’d spend more time writting my to-do list, than actually crossing tasks off the darn thing.

I found a planner system and routine that finally works.

I’ve been dabbling with paper planners for the last two years. I’ve done the crafty planning but it did not put a dent in my productivity.

That’s when I stumbled on Alexi’s Strange and Charmed shop, she specializes in productivity planners. I started using her tips and tricks and saw a change in my day-to-day routine.

She has some pretty amazing content and lots of free stuff for planners and productivity peeps. Her YouTube channel is loaded for functional planning tips.

Go Old School. Paper is Where it’s at


Ya, I know it’s 2018 and EVERYTHING has gone digital. I’m not say ditch the calendar on your phone.

What I am saying is write things down. This helps tremendously. I’m sure there is a study somewhere out there backing this up.

Girl, trust me.

Writing things down reinforces this in your mind and some how helps you remember.

It’s like pen magic.

Give it a try.

Functional vs. Crafty

It did take me a while to find a planner system that I liked. I first started using the Erin Condern Life Planner.

I was drawn in by the decorations!

Who doesn’t love pretty stickers and beautiful washi tape?

I realized that the system was too busy and often cluttered with junk and I needed a more compact layout.

This particular layout didn’t really fit my lifestyle. I used the hourly layout and being a stay home mom with no real set schedule, the layout wasn’t very functional.

I started using the planner as a tracker more than a schedule keeper.

I found myself writing down things that were irrevlaent.

Things like wash my face and brush my teeth.

I didn’t need any reminders for those tasks.

I put them in my planner as “fillers.” Doing that turned my planner into more of a task tracker rather than a planner.

If you use a planner as a task tracker, that’s great!

There is no one way to plan.

I came to realize that a task tracker was not helping me be as productive as I can be.

So I looked into the Filofax personal size planner. The inserts that came with the planner were not my style and I decided to use a layout inspired by the Life Planner.

I took to good ol’ Etsy and found this nice little shop with beautifully crafted designs.

| Veroica Foly Designs | Week on 2 Pages |

This layout worked for a while but something still wasn’t right.

I tried a her day pages and a week on one page layout.

Still not seeing any improvement in my productivity, I decided I needed a set planning routine and a functional system.

So I ditched the time-consuming stickers and stared looking for a layout that worked with my mom life.

I’m not a busy person.

I don’t have many appointments and I’m not setting plans weeks in advanced.

Im kinda basic.

As I type this I am kinda embarrassed that I dont have a more active social life.

I really liked the way Alexis sets up her planner using the disc-bound system. I have been looking for something that was the size of an Erin Conderin planner and could be used like my the personal size. (I ended up using the personal size as a wallet.) I decided to try the A5 size for 2018. It is bigger than the personal size and with my ginormous handwritting I think it is a better fit. I also wanted a cover for my planner but all the ones I’ve seen were over one hundred dollars. That was until I discovered a Korean company, Dookie Book. They have faux leather binder covers for less than $30. I still wasnt a fan of the layout of the insert so I kept turning to Etsy. That is when I found the shop Elegant Studios.

This system works for me. I have a week layout on one page and a task tracker on the other. Like I said earlier, Im not very busy so my most of my tasks are not time sensitive.

The Routine

Every Saturday night I try to do a in home mom spa night. I will put on a face mask and open up my planner and plan the coming week. I will write any birthdays and annversiesy down on the specific day. Then write in the “to call/email” section I will write a reminder. I then turn to Facebook to find any events that are kid friendly. I write them down and set a reminder in my phone. I will write a cleaning schedule. I like to keep my cleaning to a minimum, about an hour a day. Now that I am taking the course Your Unclutterd Home that is all that I really need to do! By the time my mask is ready to come off, my weekly planning is done and I have a new week to be productive.

My reality of a home spa day | Love the ducky. Here is the fancy photographers link. |
My new planner cover. You can get it here.

So far the year is looking pretty productive. I’ve planned my weeks out and have started tracking some of my weekly habits. Gone are the days of scrambling to find something to do with the kids. I have a set cleaning routine that I stick to and I am so much happier because of my schedule. I am actually crossing tasks off my to do list. Mom win!

Gosh, I’m not perfect and there are days that are a complete disaster. But that’s life. We take it one day at a time. What is important is that you find a schedule that works for you and your life. Dont be afraid to try different planners. Keep it simple and dont write unnecssery tasks in your plannner. Give it a go!

Remember to go back to the simple life and uncomplicate your day.

You got it, girl.


Sneaky mom trick to get my toddler to eat healthy 

My little toddler has been out of sorts for the past few days. Her voice is raspy. She been bouncing between meds and fevers.

So I, like any mom, am trying to get her to eat.


Eat anything at this point.

But her throat is sore so it hurts her. My poor baby.

To Pinterest I turn.

I search home made popsicle ideas, and snacks that are easy to swollow.

*Shop ice cream molds here*

I made yogurt popsicles and they were a hit!!

I call that a #momwin

Here is my recipe

Danimals drinkable yogurt

Traditional Chinese Medicine Juice (you can use any kind of juice. I prefer this kind because there is no sugar added.)

Micro Sliced Chia Seed

I’m not fancy so I just poored each in and mixed with a skewer. And let them freeze.

Superfriuits, omega-3s, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients and protein hidden in a popsicle.

BOOM sneaky mom trick!

I’d call that a win.

Inspiring the Entrepreneur

Invincible Woman

I’m not a poet. I’m sure there are plenty of grammatical errors in this post alone. I saw this poem and I had to share it. 

It was so beautiful and spoke to me on so many levels. 

I’m not an artist. But I appriciate art in the many forms it comes in. And poetry is one of my favorites.  There is something about they way the words come together to inspire, clam and reassure your purpose in the world.  

Thank you My Valiant Soul for sharing your beautiful poetry.